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8 years ago Kevin Flint decided to throw a holiday party for his friends. And in typical style, it had naked Christmas trees, a visit from Jesus, the Star of David throwing star game, and booze galore. But what started as an excuse to drink, party and be naughty has evolved into a giant excuse to drink, party and be naughty....while giving to charity!


We don't take ourselves to seriously, we're sporadically profane, and we can be downright naughty. Thats why at our parties, Santa gives out spankings instead of presents.  Actually, we usually skip Santa (lets face it, he is just a middle man) and have you just sit in Jesus' lap. We get different guests every year, including such luminaries as Haunukkah Harry, Robo-Santa, Frosty the Throwing Star Target Snowman, The Kwanzaa Fairy, the Naughty Elves, the scandalous Mrs Claus, our famous Living Tree, and the J-Man himself.  Occasionally even a reindeer shows up for the BBQ (yummy.)  


If you're offended easily....then why are you even reading this?  If you have a bit of humor, enjoy a good party, and want a chance to help a really great charity, then Chriskwanzakkah is the party for you.

Check out or photo galleries of Chriskwanzakkah's Past!



8 years of Tableau Vivant Holiday Trees...we're celebrating 2012 with not 1, not 2, but 3 trees!

Plus...portraits with your favorite holiday miracle worker and his friends, music, dancing, drinks, performances, and spectacle all night long!






In the past 7 years we have raised hundreds of toys and thousands of dollars for charity, and each year we get bigger and bigger!

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