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Toys for Tots???

Lets start by making it perfectly clear.  Chriskwanzakkah is in no way endorsed by, supported by, or sponsored by Toys-for-Tots or the US Marine Corps.  However, it is an outstanding charity, and as a former Marine, Chriskwanzakkah creator Kevin Flint thinks it is awesome ( yep, Marines can do more than just blow  things up.) And it is his party, so he'll give to whatever charity he wants.

To that end, we've made it our charity of choice.  Toys-for-Tots got its start in 1947 right here in Los Angeles when an enterprising Marine (at the prompting of his wife) collected and distributed 5000 toys to needy children.  With the help of the Marine Corps Reserve, Toys For Tots has been going strong ever since.  They now distribute about 20 million toys per year to children who would otherwise go without during the holidays.


Over the past 7 years, the guests at Chriskwanzakkah have donated over 1500 toys and over $5000 to Toy-for-Tots.

This year we'll be collecting new, unopened, unwrapped toys (must fit those criteria or we can't accept them) at the party.   We'll even have a few Marines on hand to help out (and show off their fancy dress uniforms, just like in the commercials.)

Everyone who brings a toy will get all kinds of bonuses, including prizes, raffle tickets, special portraits, and VIP cocktails! Plus you're helping an awesome cause!

Check out or photo galleries of Chriskwanzakkah's Past!



8 years of Tableau Vivant Holiday Trees...we're celebrating 2012 with not 1, not 2, but 3 trees!

Plus...portraits with your favorite holiday miracle worker and his friends, music, dancing, drinks, performances, and spectacle all night long!






In the past 7 years we have raised hundreds of toys and thousands of dollars for charity, and each year we get bigger and bigger!

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